Hutchens Construction Company’s aggregate production is as diverse as the many uses of the aggregate itself. HCC manufactures and sizes aggregate to a multitude of specifications. We produce large clean aggregate used in stone backfills, extremely small material to be used as agricultural lime, and literally everything in between.

A Versatile Product for Your Versatile Project

Our aggregate fills driveways and lines barn floors, starts and finishes landscaping projects, lays the foundation for many structural systems and much more. The inherent strength of aggregate coupled with its excellent hydraulic conductivity makes it perfectly suited for use in foundations or drainage and filter systems.

Aggregate is used in all types of concrete and asphalt pavements. Some are even suitable for use in agricultural and domestic food products. Amazingly, aggregate is also used to produce products in the steel industry and even used to manufacture glass products like windshields and bottles.

Convenient, Competitive and Capable

HCC is equipped with an ample supply of quality aggregates to meet your on-demand needs, regardless of the scope of your project. Our multiple locations in SW Missouri provide a convenient material source at a competitive price and we deliver to virtually any location.

If you’re not sure which aggregate is correct for your project after viewing the product pictures and descriptions please contact one of our capable staff. They are happy to provide selection assistance to ensure you get the right product in the proper quantity.

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