The Pavement Store is a full service supplier of material and accessories you need to complete your next asphalt sealing project.

Our surface sealers are emulsion based, not coal-tar based, to provide for a safe, environmentally friendly project. Both Onyx™ and Axys™ are central plant manufactured products that are applied without dilution. This manufacturing method allows for increased quality and consistency ensuring the long-term performance you demand.

Onyx™ – Quick, Black & Tough

Paved Driveway

Onyx™, a frictional mastic surface treatment, combines the durability you want with the frictional characteristics achieved from improving micro texture on the pavement surface.

Onyx™ provides a durable, fast drying layer of roadway protection and it’s consistently black color provides significant striping contrast for motorists.


Axys™ – Protective, Long Lasting & Environmentally Friendly


Axys™ surface treatment is designed with commercial application in mind. It combines the durability you want from a pavement maintenance application with the environmental sensitivity your stakeholders value.

Axys™ is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, fine aggregate, recycled materials, polymers and catalysts. Designed to protect your investment, it minimizes future maintenance treatments and gets traffic back on your pavement or parking area more quickly.

Axys™ is specifically engineered to develop early strength, even when applied at night. It is consistently black and formulated to reduce ultraviolet damage to the pavement.

Axys™ has significantly higher loadings of unique polymers and catalysts to deliver the long-term performance you demand.

Russell Hopper

Store Manager & Material Sales

Jim Blevins

Material Sales

We are proud to offer the supplies you need to get the job done right:

  1. Both Onyx™ and Axys™ mastic surface sealers
  2. Cold pour crack filler
  3. Hand tools
  4. Accessories
  5. Safety supplies

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